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But then this same train crash happened. ”He shook his head. “I can only remember a loud crunch and pain in my foot. I was passed out for a while, and when I woke up they had cut my foot off and I was on another train to Elmira. “

Alex grinned. “That was easy. I had heard that a squad wanted to get out through a tunnel. I still felt pretty strong back then and just kept digging. We had made it seventy meters, right under the wall. My stump was not yet fully healed and dirt kept getting into the wound while digging. That’s probably why I had such problems with my leg. I couldn’t get out with them, of course, but ten men made it and I never heard of them being arrested again. I fell asleep happy and content every evening because I always thought of the ten free men. “

Alex was silent for a while, then nodded. “I think I knew that when I saw you with his bag”. Had he still been alive, he would not have sent you, but would have come himself. “

Shaman smiled. “Yes, that’s right.” He told his brother how Rob J. Cole had fared until his death. During his report, Alex began to cry softly and took Shaman’s arm. Then they were both silent, hand in hand. Even after Alex fell asleep, Shaman sat for a long time without letting go of his brother’s hand.

It snowed until late afternoon. After dark, Shaman went from window to window and peered out. The moonlight shone on pristine snow on all four sides of the house, without a trace. In the meantime he had also prepared an explanation: He suspected that the fat soldier had been looking for him because someone needed a doctor. Perhaps the patient had died in the meantime, or he had recovered, or perhaps the man had found another doctor. It sounded reasonable, and it calmed him. For dinner he then gave Alex a bowl of nutritious soup with a soaked cracker. His brother slept restlessly.

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