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Gradually Alden calmed down and slept soundly for a while. Shaman was finishing the article on fractures and was about to begin the one on cataracts when he lifted his head to find that Alden was looking at him calmly and with a clear, steady look. “I didn’t want him to kill you. I just wanted him to intimidate you, ”Alden said.

Since Shaman and Alex were now sharing a room again, they sometimes felt as if they were the little boys of yore. When Alex lay sleepless in his bed one morning at dawn, he lit the lamp and described to his brother the sounds of the beginning of spring: the trilling and jubilating of the birds, the impatient babbling of the brooks that began their annual journey to the sea, the booming The rush of the river, the crunching crash when two huge ice floes hit each other. But Shaman’s thoughts were not in the essence of nature. He thought about the essence of man, he remembered things and put events together that suddenly took on new meaning in the connection. More than once he got up in the middle of the night and walked through the quiet house on cold floors to look up something in his father’s diaries.

And he watched Alden with special care and a peculiar, fascinated gentleness, a new, cool alertness. Sometimes he looked at the old man as if he were seeing him for the first time. Alden passed the days in a restless half-sleep. But one evening, when Alex listened to him with the stethoscope, his eyes widened. “There’s a new sound … like rubbing two strands of hair together with your fingers.”

On April 9, Sarah Cole and Sydney Blackmer were married at the First Baptist Church on Holden’s Crossing. The wedding was performed by the Reverend Gregory Bushman, whose place was to take Sydney in Davenport.

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