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She needed burly cranberry grower daddies and a school book cart to get back on her feet from the classroom floor but made flimsy excuses that she had data to process, and she wasn’t really interested in Randy L.’s academic performance. Lenz tells how his mother died in adolescence because one day she was driving north on a greyhound bus from Fall River, Massachusetts to Quincy, Massachusetts to visit her son was researching a possible script in a youth correctional facility, had to for little girls, and so she sat on the tiny bus toilet in the back of the bus and did her own business, as she later stated, and although it was deep winter, she had the little toilet window wide open, for reasons that Lenz doesn’t think Green really wants to know, in the bus going north, and what it was like in one of the last years of the unsponsored ordinational annual dating and the last financial year, in the one on the infernal six-lane , Commonwealth Route 24 from Fall River to the ravaged by commuters

Boston’s South Shore maintenance work had been carried out by Governor Claprood by the pre-ONAN Commonwealth Highway Authority, and how the greyhound bus drove over a poorly signposted construction site where the 24 had been dismantled down to the riveted flat steel, had devastating furrows and potholes and in general it was just a mess, and the badly signposted and unlabeled autoput as well as the excessive speed of the bus going north made him bump around hideously, the bus swaying violently back and forth, trying not to deviate from the street rudiments, and the passengers were thrown from their seats, while in the back of the closet-sized rear toilet Mrs. Lenz was thrown from the toilet in the middle of her business with the first dangling and then like an excrement-scattering high-speed pinball ball back and forth against the plastic walls of the toilet; and by the time the bus had calmed down and went straight on again, Mrs. Lenz had – crazy enough – her human pinball with a bare and wedged firmly in the open toilet window

Unimaginably huge rear end, wedged so tightly in her enclavier that she could not extract herself, and while the bus continued its north course up the whole 24, Mrs. Lenz’s bare back protruded from the wedged window and caused horns and malicious comments from others Vehicles; and Mrs. Lenz’s plaintive cries for help remained unfruitful with the other bus passengers, who rose from the ground, rubbed the blowing pears and heard Mrs. Lenz’s insulted cries from behind the locked hard plastic toilet door, but they could not excrete them because the toilet door was pushed forward by a door bolt, which made the words OCCUPIED / ocCUPADO / OCCUPE appear on the outside of the door, was locked from the inside, and Mrs. Lenz was wedged in beyond the reach of her arm and could not reach the door latch, plaintive as she held out her gigantic, fat-swirling arm; and since Mrs. Lenz, like almost a full 88% of all clinically obese Americans, suffered from attested clinical claustrophobia and was taking prescription medication for her fears and containment phobias, she exerted

finally successfully filed a seven-figure claim for damages against Greyhound Lines and the barely existing Commonwealth Highway Authority for psychological trauma, public offense and second degree frostbite and received such a morbidly corpulent severance payment from the civil court of the 18th Circus appointed by Dukakis that after the check arrived she was in an extra-long envelope for storing all the zeros lost all interest in data processing as well as in cooking, cleaning, educating or finally just moving, but only in a custom-made, one-and-a-half meter wide reclining chair, looked at spectacle romance on InterLace and devoured gigantic quantities of pastries with a high lipid content, which were handed to her on gold trays by a master confectioner who she was on call around the clock and equipped with a mobile beeper until she suffered a rupture four months after the huge severance payment d died, his mouth so full of peach pie that the paramedics saw no possibility of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which, by the way, Lenz says, is familiar with heart-lung

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