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Only the more mature view of the years and experiences made Matty grateful that the Da had used at least one lubricant. How the man had known so clearly about the stuff and its nocturnal use could not illuminate even the adult view, Matty could not find that out even today, at twenty-three. For example, you hear cirrhosis and acute pancreatitis and imagine someone who holds the center of his body like a film extra with a shot in the stomach and collapses to eternal rest without saying a word with closed lids and a calm expression. Matty’s Da choked on aspirated blood, a veritable fountain of the darkest blood imaginable, which Matty sprayed reddish brown as he held the man’s yellow wrists while Mum sped across the ward in search of a resuscitation team. Particles so terribly finely aspirated, almost atomized, that they hung like the air itself in the air above the cot when the man passed away, his cat-yellow eyes wide and his face twisted into a horribly rectified grin of pain, the last thoughts

(if any) unknown. Even today Matty toasted the last memory of the man with the first sip every time he took one. 278

Cape. 55 – NOVEMBER 11TH YEAR OF INCONTINENT UNDERWEAR After dinner, the first thing HaI goes by is Schtitt, whose room is open to the communal foyer, to get some pro forma clues as to what went terribly wrong with Stice that afternoon. And maybe to find out why he should go public against the Shadow at all, so shortly before the WhataBurger. That is, what the show match actually meant. This endless tension among the E.T.A. learns how the trainers see you and judge whether you are making progress – whether your own share price is going up or down.

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