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It was just as bad as telling someone who loves life that there was no point in making long-term plans.

He made a tour of the farm. Near the river, the mosquitoes were a nuisance, they fought with him for a place in the shade and won. He would never see the moon again, he knew that. He would have liked to say goodbye to her. He would have asked her where He who walks along singing is buried. It would have been important to him to bury them both properly, but now the moon was probably lying in an unmarked hole in the ground, buried like dog shit. It made him angry when he thought about it, and at the same time he felt guilty, because he was a cause of her problems and his farm as well. The Sauks used to own fertile fields and villages of the dead, in which the graves were marked. “You were so angry with us,” she had said to Shaman.

America was in good shape; he had read it carefully. It gave citizens freedom, but he also realized that it only applied to people with skin tones ranging from pink to light brown. Those with darker skin might as well have fur or feathers. The whole time he wandered around the farm, he was looking for something. At first he didn’t even notice, and when he realized it he felt a little better, but just a little. The place he was looking for could not be in the field or in the woods where Alden, one of the boys, or even a poacher could stumble over it. The house itself was unsuitable because he had to keep secrecy from the other family members, and that didn’t please him at all. His practice was sometimes empty, but when it was open it was crowded with patients. Everyone went in and out in the stable too. But…

There was a shed built on the back wall of the stable, Rob J.’s shed. There he kept his medicines and elixirs and other medical utensils. In addition to the herbs hung up to dry and the shelves full of bottles and pots, this shed also contained a wooden table and a set of kidney dishes, because Rob J. performed his autopsies here. The extension was secured with a solid wooden door and a strong lock. The narrow north side of the shed, like the entire north side of the stable, was built into the hill, so that part of this natural wall was made of rock.

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