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a rehab facility, information that is the utterly sacred privilege of inmates to share – Gately sweats blood and water thinking of the administrative headaches of fucking towing, which is why he spends so much time with it Rounding up, retrieving and carting Andean carts, with the inmates having carts so dented, according to Gene M., that Gately’s part is a waste of time and skull; they should learn from experience.249 G ately mobilizes Thrale, Foss, Erdedy, Henderson25o and Morris Hanley, pulls the new boy Tingley out of the linen cupboard and takes N ell Gunther – who, in violation of the house rules, tore away on the couch and out drooling at the corner of his mouth – tells everyone to put on coats and crammed them together at the locked front door. Yolanda W. says she left a few personal items in the car with Clenette and whether she can come with me. Lenz has a car, but doesn’t respond when Gately calls up the stairs. Gately tells the flock not to budge, if anyone does

Leaves herd, he personally takes care of its malaise. He walks up the stairs into the 3-man room and on the way thinks up all sorts of fun methods to wake Lenz without bruising. Lenz is not sleeping, but has put on headphones and a groin guard and does handstand push-ups on the wall next to Geoffrey Day’s bunk, his bottom just centimeters from Day’s pillow, and when he bends his arms, he farts to the rhythm during Day Pajamas and lone ranger eye mask lying there, hands folded over the rising and falling chest, and lips moving silently.

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