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Again steps, opening and closing the door. As he peered intently into the darkness, he found himself shaking. The three horses moved restlessly in their boxes. Vicky neighed. Time seemed to stand still.

Rob J. knew how his servant was thinking. It would take too much time for him to get the shotgun from his hut; instead he would get the rifle from the main house. Rob heard his footsteps, his warning, “Just me,” and the door opening and closing. And the door opening again. He heard Alden leave, then nothing more. It took a few minutes for a century to come before footsteps again approached the stable.

“Nobody there, as far as I can see, Dr. Cole, and I checked it out carefully. Where exactly did the bullet hit? “

When Rob J. showed him the splintered spot on the lintel, Alden had to stand on tiptoe to examine it.

“No, that sort of thing!” Said Alden. “Bad enough he’s poaching on your land. But so close to the house and in the bad light! If I get hold of him, he won’t pick up a shotgun anymore. “

“Nothing happened! Glad you were there, ”Rob J. said, putting a hand on Alden’s shoulder.

Together they went into the house to calm the family down and digest the near miss.

Rob J. poured Alden a brandy and took one himself, which was very rare.

Sarah prepared his favorite food, green peppers and young musk squash, stuffed with seasoned ground beef and steamed with potatoes and carrots. He ate with appetite and praised his wife’s cooking, but then he sought the seclusion of the porch and sat there on a chair.

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