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through the dazzling headlights, and Gately sees that they have similarly frog-lipped alien faces. Lenz talks to her non-stop, mainly curses. All three run around the car like in a comic. Gately still walks up to her as he grasps all of this. To the appraising eye, it is obvious that the foreign types cannot be big church lights because they chase Lenz around the car in tandem instead of in opposite directions where they could pinch him. All three stop and start running again, Lenz on the other side of the car. A couple of inmates kept in check cheer Lenz on. Like most coke dealers, Lenz is a nimble fellow, his coat bulges and falls back down when he stops. Lenz speaks without periods and commas – he takes turns asking the man to do impossible things or gives baroque reasons why he couldn’t even have been in the same postcode area when what happened, what they say he was. The men are getting faster and faster, as if they wanted to catch Lenz so that he could finally shut up. Ken Erdedy raised his hands and that

Car keys in hand; his legs look like he’s about to get wet. Clenette and the new black woman, both clearly old bastards when it comes to rules of behavior at gunpoint, are lying on their faces on the lawn, their hands clasped behind their heads. Nell Gunther has adopted the old martial arts posture of Lenz’s crane, twisted her hands into flat claws, and sees them steadfastly.

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