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It’s like an idolatry of uniqueness. It is unchangeable and skull-busting for a caregiver to pursue that an addict learns something solely from his own bitter experience. Only when something happens to him does the idolatry clump. Eugenio M. and Annie Parrot always recommend that every car be towed at least once and, if possible, […]

The Schroeders had only spoken German to her, while Rob J. spoke only English all day. But now he patted her on the flank and grinned. “Good night, my gracious darling,” he said in bold German, mobilizing his entire vocabulary of that language. He took the lantern and turned to go. But he only got […]

Akerson escorted Rob J. to the door, they met Mr. Francis waiting in the corridor. Rob J. knew and valued the Sanitary Commission, a civilian institution that had set itself the task of raising donations and recruiting nursing staff. The man reported that there was a two-day battle at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, thirty miles north […]

I am being fooled by three different international internet financiers. They all promise to give me a loan after receiving various allowances that do nothing and have not brought positive results. I lost my hard earned money. One day while browsing the internet with tears in my eyes I found a testimonial from the man […]

what remained was a bitter anger at the injustice of life. It pained him that he had to talk his son out of this beautiful and bright dream. It was just as bad as telling someone who loves life that there was no point in making long-term plans. He made a tour of the farm. […]

He becomes very cool and clear, his headache goes away and his breathing calms down. The events do not slow down properly, but become a sequence of frames. Rabatz woke up the old nurse in number 4, who is always calling for help, and her ghostly figure is clinging to a window on the first […]

Defenders, pads, helmets, and cleats ricocheted off this head, often in different directions. And the head didn’t know fear. It was like he had no nerve endings, pain receptors, or anything like that. Gately entertained his teammates by letting them open and close elevator doors around his head. He let people break things on his […]

He sat down by the bed and read a medical journal he’d received from Cincinnati. Alden was restless, kept waking up and then falling asleep again. Half asleep, he mumbled and talked to invisible people, repeated work meetings with Doug Penfield, or swore at robbery that was after the sheep. Shaman looked at the old, […]

And when I finally got outside on the other side, these two Yankees were standing there grinning at me and pointing their rifles at me. This time they sent me to Maryland. That was the worst camp. Bad food or no rotten water, and if you get too close to the fence they’ll shoot you […]

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